100% Water Soluble Agricultural Hydroponic Nutrients Solution Seaweed Extract Powder Flake fertilizer Seaweed Organic Fertilizer


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  • Pest Type: Earwigs
  • Capacity: 100
  • Product: Seaweed Fertilizer
  • Water Soluble: Yes
  • Release Type: Fast
  • Min Order: 100 Gram
  • Stock: 100 KG
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Product Description

Seaweed extract fertilizerpowder seaweed extract bio fertilizer is from ascophyllum nodosum through Biochemistry method. It has remarkable functions in promoting cell division, anti-stress, anti-plant diseases and insect pests, increasing yield, regulating growth and improving soil condition and so on.
1. It can be used alone or mixed with a variety of liquid raw materials for drip irrigation, water flushing and foliage spraying, etc.

2. It can be used as fertilizer synergist to add into solid fertilizer such as urea and compound fertilizer, improve fertilizer utilization, so as to reduce application amount of fertilizer, save labor and increase efficiency.

Benefict of the seaweed extract fertilizer

For Soil
Prevent fertilizer run off,keep effect of,keep effect of fertilizer.
Modulate environment of microorganisms.
Improve water holding capacity and aeration.
Increase the fertilizer of soil,intenerate soil.
Increase soil aggregate structure
Boost effect of phosphoric acid .
Prevent soil acidification
Adjust soil ph value

For plant
Enhance resilience of fighting cold,drought,insect and lodging .
Improve tensility of root,make plant absorb better.
Enhance crop physiological activity.
1. Enhance plants growth through PGR and colloid substance from the brown seaweed.

2. Improve fertilizer and pesticide use efficiency.

3. Improve configuration of soil granule, it is helpful for cultivation and growth of plant root.

4. Enhance plant ability of anti-cold, drought, dry, hot and wind.

5. Effectively prevent plant from diseases and insects pests.

How to use it ?

Method of application:

Spraying: to dilute it with water for 1500-2000 times. Dosage: 1-1.5 kg/ha.
Root drip irrigation :
300-500 grams / 666 Square meter, 1000-2000 litres of water to drip irrigation of crop roots.

Foliar spraying:
The dilution concentration at the early stage of the foliage spraying was 5000 times, and the later diluted concentration was 3000 times the foliage.
The amount determined according to the leaf area of the crop, which was generally 20-40 grams/ 666 Square mete.

Mixed use can be mixed with a large number of elements, 200 grams/ 666 Square mete, when mixed with pesticides, please add, suitable concentration of 5000 times (15 kg of water plus 3 grams).

Adding compound fertilizer to adding 1-10% in the production of NPK compound fertilizer

The crops with one picking: To spray 3~4 times in whole growing period.

The crops with several picking: To spray after each picking.

Drip Irrigation: to dilute it with water for 1500-2000 times. Dosage: 1.5 -3kg/ha.

To apply 3~4 times in whole growing period.



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