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Warm tip: wash the cleaning cloth with water after receiving dear friends, dry it and then use it (because there may be some floating wool stuck to it during cutting in the factory, there will be none after washing). The cleaning cloth itself will not lose its hair, please rest assured to use it.

Product description:

Suitable for tablet, laptop, desktop computer, digital camera, etc.

Main USES:

1. It is used for daily cleaning and maintenance of computer monitor screen, keyboard, monitor shell and chassis shell, etc. to remove dust, stains and various traces;

2. It can be used for cleaning and maintenance of LCD TV, plasma TV, digital camera and other household appliances;

★ product features

1. This kind of cleaner is a liquid. The screen cleaner is strong in decontamination and cleaning, leaving no water mark and no corrosiveness, which can keep the screen bright and clean.

2, keyboard, plastic shell detergent decontamination ability is strong, can make the keyboard, shell surface clean and bright;

3, ultrafine fiber cleaning cloth is made of high-tech special continuous weaving method, with strong ability to absorb water stains and oil stains, without shedding wool.

★ usage

1, screen cleaning: if only small dust and traces, can directly use double-sided velvet cleaning cloth gently wipe; In case of stubborn or hard dry stains, first close the display power, screen cleaner shake evenly, 20~30 cm from the screen will be cleaner spray on the surface of the screen, gently wipe can be; Also can spray the cleaner on the wipe cloth surface, and then wipe the screen surface;

2, keyboard cleaning: first with the keyboard cleaning brush will keyboard cracks in the dust, debris sweep out, and then the keyboard cleaner shake evenly, spray in the microfiber cleaning cloth, wipe the keyboard can be;

3, monitor shell, case shell cleaning: first use a multi-function cleaning brush to sweep the dust on the shell, then shake the shell cleaner evenly, spray on the microfiber cleaning cloth, wipe the shell can be;

4, other parts of the cleaning: can first use a cleaning brush to sweep the dust on the computer parts in the case, especially fans, processors and other parts.

★ points for attention

1. Please check whether there are particles attached to the cloth. Please clean the cleaning cloth before rubbing.

2. Microfiber cleaning cloth will not scratch the surface of the object, but dust particles scraped and attached may scratch the surface of the object, please clean immediately after use;

2. The stitched part of the edge of the microfiber cleaning cloth may scratch the surface of fine objects. Please fold the stitched edge inward to avoid direct contact with the wiping object before use;

3, wipe the monitor, chassis, etc., please first cut off the power;

4. After wiping the screen with detergent, pay attention to wipe the surface evenly with double-sided flannelette to avoid leaving traces;

5. Keep out of the reach of children and keep out of the reach of the eyes. If the cleaner gets into the eyes accidentally, rinse immediately with plenty of water.


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